The Benefits of Hiring Destination Paradise When Planning a Destination Wedding

Saying I do miles away from home makes for a memorable and more intimate experience, not just for you and your partner but also for your guests that attend. With a beautiful tropical backdrop and a unique wedding experience, destination weddings are a go-to option for many couples. 

While the wedding is certainly memorable, the stress that comes along with planning a tropical (and romantic) destination wedding can take away the fun of being newly engaged and ruin the romantic vibe. When it comes to planning any wedding, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning, from the venue to the ceremony details. It is much harder to plan when the wedding location is somewhere you don’t reside in, especially outside of your home country, 

Having someone help you along the way makes the planning process that much easier. Take the stress out of wedding planning and hire a professional, like Destination Paradise. We plan destination weddings, romantic getaways (hello honeymoon), and family vacations. Let us take on the stress so you can focus on saying I do. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring Destination Paradise when planning your destination wedding.


About Destination Paradise

Based out of Huntington Station, New York, Destination Paradise is there to help you plan the wedding of your dreams by offering professional wedding travel planning services for newly engaged couples. Tiffani Inserra, the president of Destination Paradise, loves planning romantic getaways, destination weddings, and family vacations. She truly goes above and beyond to bring your dream wedding and vision to life. 

With over five years of experience, Tiffani has assisted clients with their travel needs all over the globe, but she specializes in all-inclusive destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean. It all started when Tiffani planned her very own destination wedding. While she has always loved traveling and planning, a fellow travel agent helped bring Tiffani into the travel business to showcase her true travel planning talents. Tiffani has received awards and recognition, including the Double Platinum Amped Agent in 2019. 

 Destination Paradise is a women-owned business that pays great attention to the small details. It’s the finer details that bring your destination wedding and honeymoon turn into the ultimate romantic experience. 


Destination Paradise Services

Destination paradise offers three different services; destination weddings, romantic getaways, and family vacations. 


Destination Weddings 

There are so many steps when it comes to planning a wedding, especially a destination wedding. Destination Paradise not only plans your destination wedding but is there every step of the way. We will help you book your flights and hotel reservations, book airport transportation, and is there to think of the things that may slip your mind in the months leading up to your wedding. 

 Destination Paradise is there throughout the entire wedding planning process, but the support doesn’t stop with the planning. We will support you during your destination wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly for your big day.  


 So what does hiring Destination Paradise look like? 


Tiffani takes time to really get to know you as a newly engaged couple. She gets to know you both on a personal level, finding out more about the relationship and getting a complete understanding of your dream wedding and all of your destination travel ideas. Tiffani will get to know each couple on a personal level, gaining an understanding of their dream travel destinations. After the first consultation, your stress will be put at ease. She is knowledgeable about the entire wedding planning process; she will do all the leg work to find the perfect venue for you and your partner, connect you to the best vendors, and even help your guests book their trips. Tiffani is there to put you at ease and make your wedding day as seamless as possible.

If you are dreaming of saying I do on a white sandy beach with bright turquoise water, Mexico and the Caribbean are the perfect options for your big day. If you want to go somewhere more unique with black volcanic beaches and surfable waves, they have those options too! From Pinterest-worthy shores to coves perfect for snorkeling, there are various places to say I do in Mexico and the Caribbean. 

 We work with all the top-rated resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Many of the top-rated resorts offer destination wedding services, from all-inclusive packages to boutique-type events to elegant venues that are off the property. We work with the resort management to help plan your wedding from afar, with no detail left unplanned. Our destination wedding services offer personalized and customized weddings, ensuring it fits your wishes to create the perfect day.  

We’ve put together a few guides to walk you through our favorite luxury resorts for destination weddings in Cancun and Mexico. From the Hard Rock in Cancun to the Royalton Riviera in Punta Cana to the Dreams Resorts in Los Cabos, we’ve included all the must-read information about booking your destination wedding. 


Romantic Getaways 

Whether you are looking to escape daily life and re-ignite that romance and excitement or looking to plan the perfect honeymoon with your partner, Destination Paradise is there to help you plan your romantic getaway. From a blissful and secluded vacation to a getaway full of adventures, we can help you find and plan the perfect getaway in paradise. Mexico and the Caribbean are full of beautiful coral beds to explore, local culture, captivating waterfalls, and golden beaches. 

Most hotels and resorts have packages designed for a romantic getaway. There are plenty of resorts and hotels that have secluded villas and suites with private pools, giving you the privacy to reconnect. From swimming beaches to exciting nightlife, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your getaway. 


Family Vacations 

Are you ready to create unforgettable memories with your family? Book your next adventure with us! Destination Paradise offers all-inclusive family adventures in the Caribbean and Mexico. With white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, and beachside activities for everyone. We help plan the perfect package to save you money and take the stress out of vacation planning by doing all of the leg work for you.  

Whether you are looking to say I do on a tropical beach, kick back and relax with your loved one, or create lasting memories with your family, Destination Paradise will take care of all of the planning for you. Reach out to plan your destination wedding (or romantic getaway) today!